Saturday, April 11, 2009

Video Card

You may or may not have an AGP video card. Your motherboard may have a built-in videoadapter, or you might have a PCI video card. If you do not have an AGP video card, skip thissection.Install the video card into the AGP socket. This is always the top expansion slot near the backof the computer. AGP slots are often brown, but can also be strange colours such as fluorescentgreen. Check the motherboard for levers (or similar devices) that are part of the AGP slot tohelp hold the card in place. These must be retracted before insertion of the card. Check themotherboard's manual for information on how to use these devices (if your motherboard hasone.) Push the card into the socket (AGP slots are often pretty tight, don't be afraid to push ituntil it's well inserted), then screw it in at the top of the metal bracket. If it has a powerconnector, connect it to a 4-pin molex connector. If it has a pass through, do not connect it to ahard drive.

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