Saturday, April 11, 2009


Unlike with Windows, on a GNU system the majority of the software that you will want foryour computer is already included. You will probably not need to download anything. MostGNU distributions have a package manager (Portage for Gentoo, APT for Debian-based distroslike Debian and Ubuntu, etc.) For some distributions, simply download RPM files from yourdistribution's web site.If they aren't already installed by your distribution:•Web Browser: Mozilla Firefox or Opera(make sure that if you get Mozilla Firefox you lookinto extensions)•EMail Client: Mozilla Thunderbird•Office Suite:•Instant Messenger: Gaim•Media Players: Rhythmbox, mpd, amaroK (depending on what desktop environment you use)or Beep Media Player•Movie/DVD Player: Xine or MPlayer•Desktop Environment: KDE or GNOME•Windows Compatibility Layer: Wine•x86 Emulator/Virtualiser: QEMU•PPC Emulator: PearPC41

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