Saturday, April 11, 2009

Safety Precautions

1. Dismantling electronic components such as your Power Supply or Monitor is anextremely dangerous thing to do - do not do it! They contain several high-voltage exposedcomponents, and can cause you severe electric shock if you touch them. So, please, don't eventhink of trying.2. Nobody except you is at fault if you shock your components with static electricity. Makesure that you take the precautions in the previous paragraph to ground yourself from staticelectricity, such as with an anti-static wrist strap or grounding mat. (Note: if you really mustwork on a computer and haven't got proper anti-static equipment, it is usually OK if you makesure that you don't move about much; are not wearing any static-prone clothing; handlecomponents by the edges; and regularly (once a minute or so), touch a grounded object.)3. Please construct your computer in a dust free enviroment! The worst thing forcomponents (besides static and it mostly affects fans) is being clogged with dust. If thisoccours, the fans will fail, and cause your system to overheat and fail. However, if they areclogged, just buy a can of compressed air and blast the fans with it to clean them.4. Unplug your PC's Power Supply before installing or removing any components - if poweris flowing to components as they are installed or removed, they can be seriously damaged.5. Be wary of sharp edges! Many PC cases have sharp, unfinished edges. This is especiallyso on interior surfaces, and where the case has been cut or punched-out. Use care and take yourtime to avoid cut hands.

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