Saturday, April 11, 2009


Next, you will need to install your RAM. Start by pushing on the levers on both sides of theDIMM socket, so that they move to the sides. Do not force them too hard.Put the RAM module in the socket. Line up the notch in the center of the module with the onein the center of the RAM socket, making sure to insert it the right way. Force the module untilboth levers go into the notches on both sides of the module. Do not use too much force as itmay break the RAM module.Start adding RAM at "Bank 0" or "DIMM 1". If you don't start from "Bank 0" or "DIMM 1"the system will think there is no RAM and not boot.On newer motherboards with 4 slots, you'll see alternating colors. For example, slot 1 is blue,slot 2 is black, slot 3 is blue, slot 4 is black. If you were to put 1 gigabyte of ram in your pc, it'sbest to use dual channel 512MBx2 chips. Put the first 512MB chip in slot 1, and put the 2ndchip in slot 3 (the two slots that are blue) - leaving slot 2 empty. This will give you betterperformance, vs. putting 1gb in slot 1, or two 512mb chips in slot 1 and 2.

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