Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cathode Ray Tube Displays

The other key type of display is the CRT or Cathode Ray Tube display. While CRT technologyis older it often outperforms LCD technology in terms of response times, color reproduction,and brightness levels, although LCD displays are quickly catching up. There are two types ofCRT displays, shadow mask and aperture grill. An aperture grill display is brighter andperfectly flat in the vertical direction, but is more fragile and has one or two mostlyunnoticeablethin black lines (support wires) running across the screen. CRTs are generally 2-4times as deep as similarly-sized LCDs, and can weigh around 10 times as much, but thisnormally isn't a concern unless you will be moving your computer a lot. If you purchase a CRTdisplay over the internet, shipping is much quicker, which is good for gaming, however, cancause headaches in some people at lower rates, so it may be ideal to pick a screen offeringhigher update frequencies at whichever resolutions you intend to use. Most people who haveproblems with low frequencies (60Hz) find it preferable to have at least 80Hz at the intendedresolution. Some won't be bothered by this at all however.Note that sometimes the CRTs with a flat screen instead of curved are called "flat screens" sothis is not to be confused with the term "flat panel" used to refer to LCDs

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