Saturday, April 11, 2009


Now that your computer is relatively secure, you will need to install drivers for your variouspieces of hardware.Instead of installing drivers from CDs, it is generally a better idea to download drivers from theInternet (if you have a broadband connection) because these are usually more up to date, andcan be significantly faster, and can improve your computer's efficiency greatly. Even ifsomething seems to working fine, downloading new drivers may help. Your computer may beworking perfectly, but with slightly slow performance. Downloading drivers for yourmotherboard's chipset can often help. Finally, many monitors will not go above a certainrefresh rate without its driver, which may be of great concerns to gamers.If you are using Windows, you can generally find drivers for your selected hardware at itsmanufacturer's website. Most GNU computers already have all of the drivers installed, with theexception of proprietary modem and graphics drivers. If you can't find your required driver, asimple Google search will yield the best results.

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