Saturday, April 11, 2009


Finally, load it with some good quality software. The majority of what you need will beavailable for free, on both forms of operating system, including Word Processors and Anti-Virus. The following are recommendations for each system:Windows•Web Browser: Mozilla Firefox or Slimbrowser or Opera(make sure that if you get MozillaFirefox or Slimbrowser you look into extensions)•E-mail Client: Mozilla Thunderbird•Office Suite:•Disc Tools: CD Burner XP or Burn at Once40•Instant Messenger: Gaim or Trillian•Media Player: Nullsoft Winamp or iTunes or SnackAmp•Anti-virus: AVG Anti-Virus, Free Edition or avast!Antivirus Home edition or ClamWin•Security: Spybot: Search & Destroy, Ad-Aware Personal Edition, K9 Anti-Spam,MicrosoftAntiSpyware, ZoneAlarm Free Edition•Compression: 7-Zip,IZArc,TUGZip•Desktop Search: Google Desktop Search or Copernic or Yahoo Desktop Search or WindowsDesktop Search

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