Saturday, April 11, 2009

Construction Motherboard and Power Supply

Start by putting your case down on your work surface, with the side opposite of the case doorfacing down, and open the case. Many cases include power supplies that are already installedon the back of the computer. However, if you buy a power supply separately, install the PSU inthe top at the back of the case. Then try to find the motherboard standoffs that should havecome with the case. They are screws with screw holes on the top.Insert the standoffs into the holes on the motherboard plate in the case that correspond with theholes on your motherboard and screw them into the bottom of the case. Also remove the I/OShield that came with the case, and put in the I/O Shield that came with your motherboard.Insert the motherboard by placing it into the open case. The ports in the upper left hand cornershould line up with the I/O Shield and go through the holes in it. The screw holes should lineup with the motherboard standoffs. Put a screw into each hole in the motherboard with a holebelow it.Now that you have your motherboard in, you may plug in the other components.

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