Saturday, April 11, 2009

Expansions and Connections

Now, install any PCI cards that you have. These generally include sound cards, network cards,video cards, and TV tuners. These fit into the white slots that are just below your AGP slot (ifyour motherboard has one).Also plug in any power cords, including the 20pin and the 4 pin cords that you haven't pluggedin yet. Before you finish up and power it up, you need to connect the power/reset buttons andfront panel lights. The plugs from the front of the case will be labeled. The pins on themotherboard may be labeled, but they will be difficult to read because they are small. See thefoldout that came with the motherboard for where to connect these connectors. The front panelLEDs are polarised: usually the positive wire is white.In addition, you can optionally connect any case-specific port if it is supported by themotherboard. Some common examples include USB ports and sound ports.Next, close the case and take your computer to where you will be using it. Plug in the powercord, mouse, keyboard, monitor, and any other peripherals you may have to the computer.

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