Saturday, April 11, 2009

Optimizing and Overclocking

OverclockingOverclocking (OC) is taking your computer components above their recommended speedsettings.(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.)"Overclocking is the practice of making a component run at a higher clock speed than themanufacturer's specification. The idea is to increase performance for free or to exceed currentperformance limits, but this may come at the cost of stability."Think of the 3GHz on your new 3GHz Pentium 4 as a speed limit asking to be broken. This canbe done to several components in your computer. This often takes advantage of the fact thatmany manufacturers mark higher end components as lower in order to meet demand for a lowerend component. You will be able to get extra performance out of your components for free. It ispossible to get performance that is not possible even when using the top of the linecomponents. And you can buy cheaper parts, and then OC them to the clock speed of the higherend component.WARNING: OVERCLOCKING WILL VOID THE WARRANTY ON THE PARTSBEING OVERCLOCKED. DOING SO MAY ALSO CAUSE SYSTEM INSTABILITY,AND MAY ALSO CAUSE DAMAGE TO COMPONENTS AND DATA. BE CAREFULAND CAUTIOUS WHEN OVERCLOCKING.

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